Schultz dismisses possibility of riots in Germany, unlike in France

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed that there are no signs of the possibility of unrest in Germany, as has been happening in recent days in France.

“There is no sign of that,” Scholz told ARD TV, referring to the unrest in Germany.

The spokesperson added that what he called the “bad mood parties” “informed us that there would be a ‘winter of anger’ and an ‘autumn of anger’, but that didn’t happen because we did a lot to mitigate the impact. Due to the rising cost of supplying energy resources from around the world to Germany, we also quickly made every effort to ensure energy supply.”

He concluded by saying, “Therefore, I don’t think it will happen”, and the Chancellor considered that Germany “has a culture of long-term social partnership” and “a good economic future”.

Source: TASS

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