Schultz calls for a joint air defense system in Europe

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced his intention to create a new air defense system with European neighbors.

Schultz said today, Monday, in a speech at Charles University in the Czech capital Prague, that the creation of a common system “would be a security win for the whole of Europe.”

Such a system would be cheaper and more efficient than national solutions, Schultz added.

Schultz said that in the coming years Germany intends to invest heavily in strengthening its air defense system and organizing it in such a way that its European neighbors, in particular the Netherlands, Poland, the Baltic countries, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Scandinavia, can participate in it.

Schultz added that Europe must “catch up” on defense against air and space threats.

The German chancellor also said he wants his country to take “special responsibility” for helping Ukraine bolster its artillery and air defense systems, promising that Berlin will continue to support it “as needed.”

Source: agencies

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