Scenarios for Barcelona to reach the Champions League final

Barcelona had little hope of reaching the final price of the Champions League after drawing 3-3 with their guest Inter this Wednesday in the fourth round of the Group C competition.

In the same group stage, Bayern Munich beat Viktoria Pilsen 4-2 to raise the score to 12 points and advance to the round of 16 with two stages to go, while Inter are in second place with 7 points, Barcelona is third with 4 points. and Viktoria Pilsen is fourth and last without a points balance.

Inter needs to win the last two matches against Czech Viktoria Pilsen at home and Bayern Munich away to reserve a second qualifying ticket, even if Barcelona win their two matches because they are superior in two direct matches after winning 1-0 in the Third Matchday last Tuesday, and today equalized with a score of 3-3.

On the other hand, Barcelona need to reach the round of 16 to beat Bayern and Viktoria Pilsen in the last two rounds of the group stage to raise their tally to 10 points, assuming Inter face defeat or draw in their match. last two matches against Viktoria Pilsen and Bayern Munich.

Inter must not score more than two points in their last two matches for Barcelona to reach the quarter-finals.

Source: agencies

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