Scandal The fighters were kicked out during a fight between them for a strange reason

Russian Makhirbek Khasiev, president of the ACA Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Federation, surprised everyone by stopping the fight between his compatriots Rashid Magomedov and Ali Bagov in Sochi due to their negative performance.

Maher Bek Khasiev suddenly entered the cage, starting the fifth and final round of the fight, which took place this Friday evening in the city of Sochi, announcing the suspension of the fight and the exclusion of fighters.

“Dear friends, the ACA league is not a kindergarten. This is a serious league. No matter what anyone says, this is the second league in the world. When I say this, every time you accuse us of something. And now we will show you, – Makhirbek Khasiev said irritably. “We are what our league is. An exception. My nerves can’t take it anymore. Do you consider us children here? Let’s all disperse.”

The referee stopped the fight in the fourth round and announced the deduction of one point from each fighter due to negative illness on both sides.

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