Scandal in the White House.. Cameras show how "led" Baidan step by step

In a surprised tone, the TV presenter announced the “crazy” news from the office of President Joe Biden and presented a paper that the President of the United States was holding, with instructions as if they were written for a small child.

The Fox News anchor said: “Crazy news from the Biden office. Now we’re going to show you a close-up of the piece of paper that Biden is holding in his hands from today’s meeting. You can’t read it because it’s too far away.” far, but now we are going to increase it. During the meeting with the wind companies, Biden received step-by-step instructions with the most basic things, such as: “You will enter the Roosevelt room and say hello to the participants”, “You will take your seat”, “Ask Liz Schuller”, “Liz will join us virtually” , “You will give brief comments with the statement read in brackets”,“Are you going”.

And after the presenter, he asked in surprise: “Are you leaving?!”, Adding another deplorable question in the context, saying: “Is this the President of the United States? Can you imagine if Trump had such a card? Calls for his removal would have exploded higher… Now it seems that the state is babysitting in a kindergarten. Nobody cares!”


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