Saudi Finance Minister speaks of huge opportunities for investors in the Kingdom and the US

Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan commented on US President Joe Biden’s visit to the Kingdom, stressing that there are huge opportunities for investors in the two countries to expand trade cooperation and financial services.

In a press statement, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan pointed out that “Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia reflects the international economic movement that the wise leadership of the Kingdom attaches the most importance to.”

Al-Jadaan drew attention to the importance of developing financial and banking relations and intensifying cooperation between the two countries within the framework of partnership and common interests between them, noting the progress made in this area to date.

The Saudi Finance Minister said that “the Saudi financial system has presented many opportunities for foreign investors, most notably the launch of a financial technology strategy – one of the pillars of the Financial Sector Development Program – that will contribute to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals by facilitating business, attracting direct foreign investment and the development of the digital economy, as well as encouraging and supporting innovation in the financial sector by attracting the most prominent players in the field of financial technologies.”

Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Jadaan explained that “there is a huge opportunity for investors in the Kingdom and the United States to expand cooperation in trade and financial services”, noting that “The Kingdom’s Vision for 2030 includes many economic and investment opportunities that can strengthen partnerships. between the two countries, providing opportunities that Saudi Arabia promises to US companies to operate in vital sectors such as infrastructure, insurance, banking, finance and wealth management, in addition to financial services and technology, so that they can contribute to the goal ” Kingdom Vision 2030″ in light of the strong and enduring relationship that links the two countries.

Al-Jadaan stressed that the Saudi Arabian stock market has joined the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, the FTSE Russell Index and the S&P Index, in addition to the Saudi Bond Market joining several indices. , was a reflection of the accelerated momentum witnessed by Vision 2030 and the gains made by the financial sector, which have made it easier for foreign investors in general and Americans in particular to enter the Saudi Arabian market.

Source: “SPA”

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