Saudi Arabia. Secrets of the city of the future revealed by the exhibition "Line" (Photo)

The Sabq newspaper revealed the details and content of the exhibition “Line” in its third edition, which will last until April 29 and will be held in the province of Diria, and will show the city of the future “Line”, with its unique design.

According to “Sabk”, the visitor of the exhibition will feel the magnificence of the nature of the future city of “Line” and learn the secrets of its exceptional idea, which can be seen from many films shown and creative materials at the event. .

During his tour, the visitor passes through five sections: “Neum”, “Line”, “Hidden Pier”, “Living Constructions”, “Plants of Neum” and “Mirror of the Line”.

In detail, Sabak explained that the first section introduces the city of Liniya, the main city of the NEOM region, as the exhibition provides visitors with a rich experience that introduces them to aspects of urban life that are important. implemented in the city and its unique architectural and engineering designs. The line highlighted by the exhibition stems from the need for innovative solutions to the world’s environmental problems, which are represented in pollution, carbon emissions, water purification, desertification and global warming, relying on renewable energy, wind energy and forest plantations.

Previously stated that Line It is one of the most ambitious development projects as its urban landscape stretches in a straight line 170 km long from the Neum Mountains in the east to the Red Sea in the west.

The city passes through a variety of landscapes, including red deserts and mountains covered with snow in winter, all the way to the Gulf of Aqaba, in an area that is no more than 6 hours away from 40% of the world’s population by air. 13% of world trade passes through the Red Sea.

and about Linear communitiesIt consists of 12 types of communities (blocks), each of which has a unique layout 800 m long, 200 m wide and 500 m high, and each community can accommodate from 60 to 80 thousand people, while the city as a whole can accommodate more than 9 million people , and one village provides all the daily needs of the population, with schools, health centers, playgrounds, entertainment and essentials within a distance of no more than 5 minutes on foot, when driving from the first point to the last point in the city, The Line can be reached in just 20 minutes by high-speed subway train.

It was stated Hidden marina (marina) This will be the first village to be built in “Neum” and will feature a unique masterpiece represented by a suspended building built from top to bottom, as well as a marina with a capacity of 5,000 ships and boats, as well as the headquarters of Neum’s administration.

In the definition“stupid plants”The exhibit features 224 species of desert plants, most notably the violet, which will be grown outside of Liniya City to complement the region’s natural system.

During the tour, the visitor can get acquainted with the section “Mirror of the Line” All details of the project in terms of design and the names of 12 international designers who participated in the development of the Line, including the HOK office that was developed by KAUST University, and other small details for each of them. NEOM communities.

In addition to the above, Sabq pointed out that the exhibition provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the features and structures of the city of Line and the surrounding landscape, as well as explore the various sectors of NEOM, where people and technology meet in harmony with nature, visual presentations and films are presented. Information about the vertical city, with a total area of ​​only 34 square kilometers, for visitors, and have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the details of the Future City through guided tours in Arabic and English.

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