Saudi Arabia Informs US Administration to Stop Discussions on Normalization with Israel: Elaph

Saudi Arabia Informs US to Stop Discussions on Normalization of Relations with Israel

The electronic newspaper Elaph reported, citing a spokesman for the administration of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that Saudi Arabia informed the American administration to stop any discussions related to the normalization of relations with Israel.

Opposition from Israeli Government Towards Palestinians

Elaf quoted the official as saying that the opposition of the pillars of the Israeli government to any gesture towards the Palestinians and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s acceptance of the demands of elements of the far right represented by the parties of National Security Minister Itamar Ben, Gvir and the party of Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich intend to destroy any possibility of rapprochement with the Palestinians and therefore with the Saudis.

Saudi Arabia Involving Palestinians in Discussions

According to Elaf’s report from informed US sources, the latter said that Saudi Arabia had “smartly” involved the Palestinians in discussions so that they could decide on the form and date of the agreement with the Israelis and demarcate the boundaries of their territories. An independent state without outside interference and without Israeli imposition.

Confusion in Israeli Leadership

At the same time, the Israeli official said, according to Elaf, that Washington informed Tel Aviv about Saudi Arabia’s decision “to stop any discussions with the Americans regarding normalizing the situation or taking any steps towards Israel, and that the Israeli leadership is confused about this”, noting that many experts, ministers and even the president previously believed that Saudi Arabia would agree with them without linking relations with the Palestinian issue.

Leaked News by Israeli Minister

The newspaper also explained that the information indicated that “Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer, close to Netanyahu and former ambassador to Washington, leaked fabricated news to the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, which supports the American right.” and by extremist Jewish Republicans, about secret meetings between Riyadh and the Israeli Prime Minister.”

Netanyahu’s Desperation and Anger

In addition to the above, Elaf quoted an Israeli domestic policy expert (a lecturer on the National Security Platform at the University of Herzliya) that “this is what happens when all the hopes and all the plans that were outlined by Netanyahu and his team fell apart,” and he said that “Netanyahu was extremely angry that something like this was leaked online, regardless of whether it was true or not, as it indicates his desperation in pressuring Saudi Arabia to normalize the situation at a crucial stage in his tenure as prime minister. minister.”

Internal Debate in Israel

Notably, Israel is still plagued by internal debate over so-called judicial reform, with the opposition still mobilizing hundreds of thousands weekly in demonstrations against Netanyahu’s government.

Source: “Elaf”

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