Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan sign 10 agreements worth 45 billion rials

Today, Wednesday, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan signed 10 agreements worth 45 billion rials in several investment areas, the Sabq newspaper reported.

In the light of the visit of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Saudi Arabia, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Riyadh expected rapid and dynamic development of bilateral cooperation in the fields of energy, information technology, telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agriculture, forestry. , building materials production, light industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, and tourism, the newspaper reports, culture, sports, science, education and environmental protection.

“Previously” it was stated that these agreements were concluded “at a time when the government of Uzbekistan is looking for ways to cooperate in the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 programs to strengthen its development orientation in all aspects of life in accordance with the strategy to build a new state of Uzbekistan, the goal of which are reforms and liberalization of the economy, as well as the creation of an investment-attractive climate.

The newspaper added that “Uzbekistan has signed energy agreements with the Saudi Arabian authorities to step up efforts to meet our national renewable energy targets of increasing total renewable energy generation capacity to 30% by 2030,” noting that “great opportunities It is expected that cooperation between Riyadh and Tashkent will intensify in this direction, since both sides intend to increase trade, economic and investment activity, while enhancing the exchange of economic delegations from both sides.

Source: “Earlier”

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