Saudi Arabia and the United States signed 18 agreements and memorandums of cooperation

During US President Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia on Friday, Saudi Arabia and the United States signed 18 cooperation agreements and memorandums covering several areas, including healthcare, energy, space and computer science.

Among the 13 agreements signed by the Department of Energy, the Ministry of Investment, the Jubail and Yanbu Royal Commission and a number of private sector companies with a group of leading US companies such as Boeing Aerospace Industries, Raytheon Defense Industries, Medtronic, Digital Diagnostics and IKVIA in the healthcare sector, as well as a number of other US companies specializing in energy, tourism, education, manufacturing and textiles.

The Saudi Arabian Space Administration also signed an Artemis agreement with the American space agency NASA on the exploration of the Moon and Mars with the agency, on joining the international coalition in the field of civilian exploration and use of the Moon, Mars, comets. and asteroids for peaceful purposes.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has signed a memorandum of cooperation with IBM, a leading digital technology company, to train 100,000 young men and women over five years through eight innovation initiatives aimed at strengthening the Kingdom’s position as a major center of technology and innovation in the Middle East region. East and North Africa.

The Department of Communications and Information Technology also signed a memorandum of cooperation with the U.S. National Communications and Information Administration (NTIA), which includes cooperation between the two countries on fifth and sixth generation technologies to accelerate the growth of the digital economy and increase the pace of research, development and innovation in the digital Kingdom system.

The two countries signed a Clean Energy Partnership Agreement, which includes identifying areas and projects for cooperation in this area, as well as stepping up the efforts of the two countries in the dissemination of clean energy and actions to combat climate change, including cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy. .

The Saudi Arabian and U.S. Ministries of Health also signed a memorandum of joint cooperation in public health, medical sciences and research aimed at supporting and strengthening existing public health relationships between individuals, organizations and institutions, joining forces to counter public health issues and medical , scientific and research issues, as well as the exchange of information, experts and scientists, in addition to the joint training of medical and medical personnel, the proper application of health information systems, research and development and innovation in the field of health.

Source: Okaz newspaper.

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