Sana’a Delegation at the talks on the renewal of the truce: we hold the countries of aggression responsible for reaching an understanding in the stalemate

Sana’a’s negotiating delegation announced that during the 6 months of the truce’s life, they saw no seriousness in considering the humanitarian file as an urgent and urgent priority.

The delegation stated: “We accepted the first and second extensions in the hope that the countries of aggression and their mercenaries will show even the slightest sense of responsibility or understanding.”

He added: “Since the beginning of the truce, despite the delay, we have striven not to miss any opportunity that could lead us to peace.”

He continued: “We have exercised restraint regarding the violations of the other side in order to devote more time to discussions, international efforts and the efforts of some brothers.”

He stressed that they have no special agenda other than the interests of the Yemeni people and the human rights and legitimate rights of citizens.

The delegation stressed “the right of our Yemeni people to defend themselves and their rights and resist aggression and siege.”

And he said: “The countries of aggression are responsible for the fact that the agreements reached an impasse as a result of their intransigent position and refusal to take measures that alleviate the suffering of our people.” Given that “their desire is not so much peace as keeping the countries of aggression from the effects of war, and targeting and besieging them inside Yemen.”

Source: march

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