Safeguarding China’s Security: Our Authority to Take All Necessary Measures in Beijing

The Chinese government spokesman for Korean Peninsula Affairs confirmed that Beijing reserves the right to take all measures to protect its security and territorial integrity, noting that China has not pledged not to use force.

“This stance is not directed against our Taiwanese compatriots, it is specifically directed against Taiwanese separatists and other outside forces trying to divide our country,” Chinese government special representative Liu Xiaoming said in a press statement.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Minister Chen Gang said that China reserves the right to use all measures to prevent Taiwan’s secession.

“No one should underestimate China’s strong determination, will and ability to defend China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the foreign minister said.

He pointed out that the Taiwan issue is at the center of China’s concerns and interests, its solution is China’s internal affair, and the US has no right to interfere in it.

Source: TASS

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