Sadio Mane says goodbye to Liverpool with five emotional messages…one of them is for Mohamed Salah.

Senegalese Sadio Mane, a former Liverpool striker, has sent several messages since his move to star club Bayern, including a message to his Egyptian colleague Mohamed Salah, his former Reds teammate.

And Bayern Munich announced today, Wednesday, the official end of contract procedures for Sadio Mane, with a contract that is extended by 3 years until the summer of 2025, with a weekly salary of around £360,000, according to the British newspaper The Mirror. “.

Sadio Mane, in a lengthy interview with Liverpool FC’s official website, spoke about several of the messages he sends to his Anfield colleagues, coach Jurgen Klopp, his new colleague Manuel Neuer, the Bayern Munich goalkeeper, and finally the Reds. “fans.

Mane spoke about his former colleagues Mohamed Salah and Brazilian Roberto Firmino, with whom they formed a fearsome attacking trio during 5 years in Liverpool, in response to a question about how this trio was created and what is its secret.

And Sadio Mane answered the question with a laugh: “Of course it’s great, Bobby and Mo are two players, I don’t think there are any secrets, it turned out that I played together with two great players, they made it easier for me” . to me.”

He continued: “I support them, especially Bobby. He always fell behind and left room for me and Mo.

Mane sent a message to Manuel Neuer, his new teammate from Bayern Munich, who scored two goals against him to lead Liverpool to a 3-1 victory over the Bayern side in the final price round of the 2019 Champions League.

Sadio Mane said: “My two best goals for Liverpool were: the first was against Arsenal, which was my first goal in my first match, and the second was against Bayern Munich against Manuel Neuer. Manu apologized and I think it was a fantastic goal.”

The Senegalese striker said in a letter to Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager who joined him from Southampton 6 years ago and had a strong relationship with him: “He helped me as a player, I think from the first day he spoke to me to move to Liverpool, the relationship was really very good, he is a great coach.”

And about the characteristics of the German coach, he said: “He has a heart and dedicates himself to work, and this is what makes him very exceptional, and of course he helped me a lot to become the player that I am now.”

Mane sent a message to Liverpool fans, club staff and teammates, saying: “The club was great, in the dressing room the relationship was friendly with everyone, with the technical staff, and even with the kitchen workers, cooks, and then left. well, that’s the thing.

And about the fans, he said: “I will go back to Anfield to greet the fans and look at Liverpool and I will be their number one fan and I will always be a fan of the team.”

And Sadio Mane continued: “I thank the fans for everything. I remember how they sang my name. I can’t sing well, but I enjoyed spending time here. Playing at Anfield gives you extra strength thanks to the fans. I will miss you, I love you and Liverpool will remain my home.”

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