Sabato says he want an Investigation of the Polls

On Wednesday’s episode of “Fox & Friends,” political scientist and UVA (University of Virginia) Professor Larry Sabato commented on the discrepancy between yesterday night’s midterm election outcomes in Virginia, Georgia, and Illinois and what the polls had predicted.

Sabato argues that this discrepancy between polling and reality requires further study.

According to him, polling places in Virginia should be scrutinized. Simply put, they were dead wrong, just like they were in Georgia. Not only were they extremely remote, but they were also located in Illinois. Indeed, I could continue indefinitely. That sure is a sector that needs some cleaning up. One such state is Virginia. Perhaps the Warner team had too much faith in their own abilities. Ed Gillespie ran a shrewd campaign, almost becoming a U.S. senator and positioning himself to run for governor in 2017 or another high office in the future. As a result, the results of an election are not limited to that one day. Yes, that’s a wonderful illustration.

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