Rust Update 1.80: New Content, Bug Fixes, and Improvements – Download Now for PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC

A new update has been released for Rust Update 1.80. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below.Rust Update 1.80 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


  • Rideable Horses.
  • Horse dung no longer spawns in the wild. Horses will produce it naturally.
  • Horse equipment like double saddles, horse armour, horse shoes and saddle bags.
  • Two new safe zones – the Ranch and Large Barn.
  • New monument layouts.
  • New default blueprint – The Hitch and Trough.
  • New NPC mission system.
  • Sharks can now be found in the water and they are hostile towards the players.
  • New weapon – The Speargun.


  • Reduced the instances of the audio crash by deactivating certain game sounds. This will make sound crashes much less frequent and will help us determine what’s causing it. Your own footsteps sound is now disabled in the game, but all the other players will still be able to hear it.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be able to surf on projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug causing sleeping players to take damage and become affected by status effects and environmental hazards.
  • Fixed a bug causing players’ Hunger and Thirst mechanics to rapidly deplete.
  • Starvation and Dehydration statuses now cause incremental damage correctly.
  • Fixed a bug causing Radiation damage to continue once the debuff has disappeared.
  • Fixed a bug causing FPS drops when hitting objects with bullets.
  • Fire effects no longer slow players in PvE.
    The Produce Exchange vendor now sells Scrap.
  • HV Rockets now match the Steam version.
  • Changed Bolt Action and L96 rifle controls to match the Steam version.
  • Heavy scientists’ accuracy with M249 now matches the Steam version.
  • While gathering from the Scientist’s body, the yield of the bone fragments matches the Steam version.
  • Scientists’ projectiles now collide with sleeping players.
  • Scientists can no longer hit one another with friendly fire.
  • Scientists no longer disappear when killed.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to spawn at lakes or freshwater pools.
  • Fixed a glitch causing items to clip through junkpiles.
  • “Alive for” timer is now accurate.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to turn invisible when they die in safe zones and not wake up from sleep.
  • Players no longer ragdoll through items when killed.
  • We made improvements to alleviate the invalid shots issue.
  • Fixed an exploit with Wooden Ladders.
  • Chickens are now harvestable.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to clip through the floor instead of crouching when being climbed on by another player.
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to walk through trees and not harvest them.
  • Fixed a visual bug causing it to look like the player is drawing back a bow when swimming.


  • Improved load times for Monuments.
  • Improved build restriction at monuments.
  • Monuments are no longer generated in a way that would restrict the player being able to travel around them.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to get killed in Bandit Camp and Outpost without triggering aggro timer.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to teleport when auto-swimming in front of the Cargo Ship.
  • Ceiling lights and light switches in Check Point Building are now correctly placed.
  • The Airfield Tunnel now renders properly.
  • Fixed a bug causing part of the underground tunnel in Airfield to be misplaced on the terrain surface.
  • Fixed invisible train at Power Plant monument.
  • Fixed a bug causing Sewer Branch to not connect to terrain.
  • Rocks around the Sewer are more consistent and no longer block exits.
  • Fixed a bug causing crates to spawn stacked at the Trainyard.
  • Locked Crates no longer get stuck on the lamp post in Trainyard.
  • Bodies are now lootable in Trainyard.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to phase through the wall at Launch Site.
  • Fixed a visual issue causing a blinding haze around the Bandit Camp.
  • Fixed a bug causing bandits to all face the same direction at the Bandit Camp.
  • Fixed visual flicker in the gambling room when looking at the chair.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be looted through the Blue Keycard room wall in the Water Treatment Plant.
  • Cargo Heli Drop now drops crates more evenly to monuments across the map.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to move erratically whilst standing on top of a moving conveyor belt in Quarry Monument.
  • Sheet metal at Quarries now no longer resembles wood at a distance.
  • The Hobo Barrel at the Outpost no longer floats.
  • Fixed a bug causing boxes found the the Tugboat in Small Harbor to clip.
  • Fixed visual issue with fire particles at Large Oil Rig.
  • Scientists are no longer able to walk through crates at Oil Rig.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Satellite Dish to become see-through.


  • Burlap Headwrap now renders properly.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be able to pass through, shoot, and build through cliffs.
  • Fixed a bug causing Heavy Scientists to lose their weapons when you die from them.
  • Scientists are no longer culled from the server after a certain amount of time has elapsed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Road Signs to disappear.
  • Road Signs no longer spawn in the middle of roads.
  • Fixed a bug causing barrels to spawn in the middle of the road.
  • Fixed a bug causing Scientists to kill you with multi shots.
  • Semi-automatic Rifle is no longer missing from the Supply Drop table.
  • Fixed a collision issue with Deployable/Door.
  • Fixed visual bugs on hostile animals when at a distance.
  • Fixed a bug causing nodes to spawn on unclimbable cliff terrain.
  • Fixed animations when throwing weapons.
  • Lanterns filled with fuel can no longer be picked up via the Radial Menu.
  • Fixed a bug causing terrain to be missing and grass to float.
  • Lights/Lamps now match the Steam version.
  • Fixed a visual flicker with trees causing them to appear invisible.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be able to see through the Wood Door Frame.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to partially sink into the floor when sleeping.
  • Junkpiles no longer fade in and out when in close proximity.
  • Foliage now disappears when junkpiles are cleared.
  • Fixed a bug causing Code Locked Crates to spawn on the edge of platforms.
  • Fixed a bug causing the chest on the rowboat to disappear from a distance.
  • Fixed depth of field issues.
  • Fixed textures on various objects.
  • Torches now have visible fire particles.


  • Milk Commando skin no longer appears grey in darkness.
  • Fixed the 4x Scope, Flashlight, and Laser Sight so they are now visible when attached to weapons.
  • Fixed a bug causing weapon Laser Sights to be too bright.
  • The “Roof Triangle” now connects and has no gap.
  • Auto-turret now shows correct ammo count.
  • Oxygen levels now remain visible with a Diving Tank equipped.


  • Fixed various missing languages in the UI menu.
  • Fixed multiple grammatical errors in HUDs and Info panels.
  • Pumpkin and Corn icons are now visible when planted.
  • The Mushroom icon now matches the Steam version.
  • Fixed a bug showing the wrong time on Map Screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing a softlock when switching tabs whilst viewing attachments of a holstered weapon.
  • Bait values are now shown for Berries.
  • Correct ammo count shown when the player is sleeping.
  • Berry outline now matches the model exactly.
  • Removed Christmas lights from Seasonal crafting Tab.
  • Fixed visual flicker and blur when in menus.
  • Tool-tips no longer persist after death.


  • Fixed a bug causing a softlock when selecting “Kill & Respawn”.
  • Fixed camera jitter that could occur when a player is wounded.
  • Controller disconnect and reconnect no longer causes softlock when accessing the Rust Coin page.
  • Fixed a bug causing the players selection cursor to move as unintended when accessing the Bradley APC crate.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Controller Disconnected” window to disappear when dying while the controller is disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to be booted from servers when immediately loading in.

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