Russia’s Security Council Questions Western Strategic Thinking

Deputy Secretary General of the Russian Security Council Alexander Venediktov expressed doubts about the ability of the West to develop strategic thinking.

This is stated in a statement to the Russian Novosti agency, where he said: “We doubt that the leaders of the United States of America and Europe have developed strategic thinking,” and considered that “whims have replaced strategy, like a mouthpiece saying: we want it to be so was, so be it. Everything will be as we want, even if the world around us collapses.”

The Deputy Secretary General asked what are the interests of the people sitting in the White House, in Downing Street, in Brussels, today? Is it in the interests of the people? Of course not.

He continued: “They pursue the interests of elite groups, clans and large corporations. We all see some Western leaders going to meetings with written instructions on when to sit and how to speak.”

Hence, according to Venediktov, the increasingly adventurous and aggressive policy of the United States, Great Britain, the European Union and Japan, which is based on a complete detachment from reality, and the desire to build their own fantasy world, which they will rule.

“Such an escape from reality is a real threat to all mankind,” said Venediktov. “After all, if Western leaders do not listen and do not notice their fellow citizens, it is absurd to expect them to pity other peoples.” life means nothing to them, and Ukraine is a prime example of this.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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