Russian Vinnik to face US court

The US Department of Justice has announced that Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik, accused of laundering billions of dollars through a digital currency trading platform, has appeared in a US court in California.

The agency said in a statement that Vinic “appeared for the first time before Judge Sally Kim in federal court in San Francisco.”

Finnick’s trial is expected to begin weeks or possibly months after he first appeared in court.

U.S. authorities are reportedly accusing Vinik of laundering between $4 billion and $9 billion through the BTC-e cryptocurrency trading platform. He was arrested at an American request in Greece in 2017.

After his arrest in Greece, France and Russia also demanded his extradition, where he also faced criminal charges.

Greece decided to extradite him to France, although the defendants requested his extradition to Russia. After imprisonment in France, he was returned to Greece, and from there he was extradited to the United States.

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed dissatisfaction with the extradition of a Russian citizen to the United States.

Source: TASS

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