Russian Tennis Player Barred from Boarding Plane at Cairo Airport by Polish Aviation Authorities

Polish airline LOT has confirmed that tennis player Vitaliy Dyachenko has been suspended from the flight due to her Russian citizenship, RIA Novosti reports.

The airline said in a statement: “Polish LOT cannot accept a citizen of Russian citizenship on board its flight in accordance with the decision of the Minister of the Interior and Administration of Poland dated March 13, 2020 on the temporary suspension or restriction of border crossings. – border traffic at certain border crossing points.

On April 24, LOT employees prevented the Russian player from boarding a flight from Cairo to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, citing the airline’s rules.

Dyachenko said that she had to spend 18 hours at the Egyptian airport, because of which she missed the competition in Nice.

Dyachenko told Match TV about what happened to her at the airport: “I bought a plane ticket a few days ago, which states that I am Russian, and there was no notification that I could not board the flight.”

She added: “At the reception, they easily gave me a passport and said a step back, further,” and when I asked about the reason, they said because I was Russian.

And she continued: “And when I told them that the situation was racist, they showed me a paper on which ten points were written, why Russians are not put on a plane, so I took a picture. They took my passport and then took it to the police and said they would not return it because I was taking pictures.”
And she added: “All this lasted eight hours at the reception, and I held on as best I could. And only in the morning, when I was given the opportunity to buy the next flights, I was already in hysterics and shock. .”

32-year-old Dyachenko is ranked 250th in the Women’s International Tennis Association (WTA) rankings and has one title in the organization’s doubles championships.

Source: RIA Novosti agency.

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