Russian special forces eliminated Polish mercenaries in the Kharkov region

An officer of the Russian special forces reported the elimination of more than 3 Polish mercenaries and the wounding of several more near the village of Dolzhenka, Kharkov province.

The officer said: “South of Dolzhenkoy in the Kharkov province, on the edge of the forest, a fortified point of the enemy forces was discovered, and a battle ensued. During the interception of radio waves, Polish was heard, through which we understood that three mercenaries were destroyed and six were wounded. Then there was silence. It is possible that their real losses would have been greater.”

He added that in the center of the fortification there is a joint detachment of Polish mercenaries and the Ukrainian army. According to preliminary information, there were from 30 to 50 Poles.

He pointed out that the wounded Polish mercenaries were immediately evacuated to hide their numbers and weapons. The wounded Ukrainian soldiers were not evacuated.

Source: TASS

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