Russian senator: Washington’s refusal to supply Kyiv with 300 km missiles should restore the awakening of Ukraine

Russian Senator Olga Kovitedi said that Washington’s statement about its unwillingness to supply Kyiv with missiles with a range of more than 300 km should “wake up tough-minded politicians in Ukraine.”

Commenting on US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s statement that Biden is not ready to supply this type of missile to Ukraine, Russian Senator Kovitedi told Novosti news agency: “This statement should awaken the minds of hardliners. in Ukraine. It seems that the United States does not want to present itself as a fearless hero playing Russian roulette.”

“The European allies of the United States express deep concern about what is happening in Central Europe and privately say that the United States, by arming Ukraine, is planting a mine under its European allies,” she added.

“The EU realizes that more weapons to Ukraine from the United States reduces Russia’s chances of saving Europe from this unnecessary war. As you know, even an empty cannon in the wall can fire once a year.

She stressed to the Russian senator (upper house of parliament) that the US State Department is trying to take advantage of any political situation.

Source: RIA Novosti

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