Russian senator: Merkel’s statement on the Minsk agreements is the height of political cynicism

Russian senator from Crimea Olga Covidetti called the statement of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the Minsk agreements the height of political irony.

“The statement of the former German Chancellor Anguilla Merkel, who revealed the truth about the former unviability of the Minsk agreements, is the height of political irony,” Covidetti said in an interview with the Novosti agency.

She added that the geopolitical complicity of the UK and the US and their obedient vassal Ukraine in deliberately delaying the implementation of the Minsk agreements in order to prepare Ukraine for conflict with Russia “undermines the credibility of any subsequent negotiations and any agreements with these Western politicians.”

Merkel recently said in an interview with the Zeit newspaper that the 2014 Minsk agreements were an attempt to give Ukraine enough time to prepare for a war against Russia. She expressed doubt that the then NATO countries could have done everything they are doing now to help Ukraine.

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