Russian Senator Accuses US of Attempting to Provoke a New Conflict in Europe

Russian Senator from Crimea Olga Kovetidi said that the United States will continue to seek to create new conflicts in Europe by proxy, including in Transnistria.

Kovetidi said in an interview with the Novosti agency: “You need to understand that the United States will try to aggravate the European foreign policy agenda as soon as possible. This can be described as you like: the second front, the third front, or the counterattack of the Ukrainian troops, but its meaning does not change, and the United States “It is necessary to escalate the already paid for war with Russia. And it does not matter whose hands this will happen, Ukraine or Poland … USA we need a war in Europe against Russia.”

She added that the United States needs a war in Transnistria, in which Chisinau, which is under the control of Washington, will provide all possible assistance to Ukraine. She referred to the statement of Moldovan President Maia Sandor that if the Ukrainian army needs it, Moldova is ready to allow entry into its territory in order to “deal with warehouses, weapons and personnel”, leaving no room for doubt that “the United States want to unfreeze the conflict in Transnistria at any cost.” using the enclave of Ukraine.

She explained that Georgia did not allow itself to be drawn into the war against Russia, and it turned out that Tbilisi turned out to be wiser than many EU capitals, so Washington relied on the escalation of the military conflict in Moldova.

And she continued: “The American gentlemen need to be reminded that by implementing the Moldovan option with the aim of seizing Transnistria, the United States will no longer be able to maintain a “good face”. The problem is that security guarantees and a peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian conflict were given by the international community in the 5 + 2 formula, that is, the United States, the European Union and the OSCE themselves as participants in peace negotiations. The new war in Transnistria will show the true face of the United States, which is the face of the aggressor, and they they don’t want it.

The senator stressed that the United States is well aware that the war in Transnistria will bring serious international reputational risks to both the United States and Ukraine.

And she added: “The world will be forced to admit that the aggressors are the United States and Ukraine, not Russia. Therefore, the British and American masters of political machinations will try to prepare a new provocation and headache, as they think, for Russia.

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