Russian pilot reveals the plans of Ukrainian intelligence and what they offered him

A Russian military pilot who helped Russia’s Federal Security Service thwart Ukrainian intelligence plans to hijack a Russian plane has described how he was offered treason and what they promised him in return.

“A man started calling me and offered to hijack the plane and deliver it to the territory of Ukraine in exchange for a certain amount of money,” the pilot said in a statement to the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

“At first I took the information received from a person unknown to me as a joke. However, after further contacts, it became clear that I was dealing with representatives of the Ukrainian special services and their Western allies,” he added.

He continued: “They wanted me to show my negative attitude towards the policy of the leadership of my country regarding the conduct of a special military operation, and also to motivate the crews of the aircraft to betray the Motherland.”

According to him, Ukrainian intelligence offered him passports from European countries, promising him a luxurious life abroad.

“But we are all well aware that this is impossible. We definitely don’t have friends among them, ”the pilot emphasized.

Earlier on Monday, the Russian Federal Security Service announced that it had thwarted an intelligence operation conducted by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry together with the special services of NATO countries.

Source: RIA Novosti

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