Russian oil supplies to the US fell by one-sixth in April

Data from the US Department of Energy showed that Russian oil supplies fell by one-sixth on a monthly basis in April last year.

The data from the ministry show that Russia has dropped from sixth to 18th place in the ranking of US oil exporters.

Canada remains the largest source of US oil, exporting more than 110 million barrels of oil, or about two-thirds of US oil imports, according to the Energy Department.

Mexico supplied the US with 17.962 million barrels of oil, while Saudi Arabia delivered 12.397 million barrels.

And oil supplies from all these countries were declining at different rates from 12 to 20%.

Oil imports from Colombia rose by 10% (to 7.77 million barrels) and from Iraq by 13% (to 6.54 million barrels).

Source: RIA Novosti

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