Russian Official Peskov Refutes Bloomberg’s Claim of Fuel Supply to China

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied today, Wednesday, media reports that spoke of China’s unwillingness to increase natural gas supplies from Russia.

Before that, Bloomberg published a report on Beijing’s unwillingness to increase the supply of blue fuel from Russia, and Peskov commented on the report, saying that the report was considered low in terms of professionalism, since cooperation between the two countries had actually increased. countries are planned and discussed within this framework.

The comment came in response to a request from journalists today, Wednesday, for clarification on a Bloomberg report that says Chinese President Xi Jinping has not given direct consent to an increase in Russian gas supplies.

Peskov pointed out that “the reality is completely different, and the issues of building up cooperation (in the gas sector) were discussed (during the visit of the President of China to Moscow).”

As evidence of the incorrectness of the statements in the report, Peskov pointed out that the Russian company Gazprom yesterday recorded a new historical record for gas supplies via pipelines (the power of Siberia) to China.

The Russian official also indicated that an agreement had been reached to build a new route to pump new volumes of gas from Russia to China, and said that Power of Siberia-2, which is a project to extend the gas pipeline from Russia to China through Mongolia, is being actively discussed between the two sides. , Moscow and Beijing, where all the details and formalities were agreed with the Mongolian side.

Today, Wednesday, the Chinese President completed a three-day visit to Russia, during which Xi and his accompanying delegation held wide and narrow meetings with the leadership and officials of Russia, following the visit, documents were signed to increase strategic cooperation between the two countries in key areas to 2030.

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