Russian officer: "Bayraktar" This is a target for beginners, and Ukrainian troops have lost their offensive marches.

An air defense officer of the Russian Armed Forces stated that there were no combat drones (UAVs) left at the disposal of the Ukrainian army.

The officer added: “There are no strike drones left in the Ukrainian army. We are currently colliding and targeting reconnaissance drones such as Leleka and Fury. Despite their small size, we shoot them down. Recently, the enemy has been using mainly reconnaissance drones. , since it is no longer there.” No offensive marches.

The Ukrainian army has relied on the Leleka-100 and A1-SM Fury drones, with a Fury wingspan of 2050 millimeters, and Leleka-100 with 100 millimeters.

On the other hand, the officer considered that the marches of the Turkish “Bayraktar” against the Ukrainian army were targets for newcomers: “At the beginning of the operation, many Bayraktar aircraft were shot down by our systems … In fact, it is for us to target these drones and counter them .. For beginners, this is a level target.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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