Russian Kodermitova confirms her superiority over Tunisian Anas Jaber

Russia’s Veronika Kodermitova knocked Tunisian Anas Jaber out of the quarterfinals of the 500-point tennis championship in San Jose for a total prize pool of $757,900.

The Russian, who finished ninth in the tournament, beat third-placed Anas Zhaber 7-6 and 6-2 in straight sets without an answer in a match between them on Friday night.

25-year-old Veronika Kodermetova will be on a date in the semi-finals of the tournament with the winner of the match, which will feature American players Amanda Anisimova and Shelby Rogers.

Veronika Kodermitova, ranked 19th in the world, scored her third consecutive victory over Anas Zhaber, ranked fifth in the world, in the third confrontation between them so far, the first was in 2019, in the 32nd round of the Moscow Championship, where the Russian won two sets without an answer, with the score: (6)-3) and (6-3).

As for the second confrontation, it was in the Dutch Championship in Hartgenbosch, and ended with the defeat of Anas Jaber also in two sets in a row with the result: (6-3) and (6-4).

Source: agencies

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