Russian hackers hacked into the website of the US Federal Internal Revenue Service

Russian hacker group Killnet hacked into the US Internal Revenue Service (FRS) revenue site while testing a new DDoS attack method.

Killnet mentioned the details of the operation in their Telegram channel, where they confirmed that has been down for exactly five hours, and thus they have completed testing their new method. At the time of the hack, the hackers reported on the actions of the American side to restore the site after 30 minutes using Cloudflare, and the Russian hackers criticized the way the US engineers protected the site, as they could not restore it for about 5 hours. Now the site is working fine.

The attack was carried out, according to hackers, in response to the “illegal” bankruptcy of Russia and the declaration of “gangster” culture by the global credit and financial system led by the United States. In addition, the Killnet Group believes that this is a response to the freezing of Russian assets in bank accounts in the US and Europe. Killnet representatives warned that this would only further harm the authorities of countries that would deal with chaos in the future.

Russian hackers had earlier presented the Lithuanian government with an ultimatum to lift the blockade of Kaliningrad within 48 hours, otherwise the country would be in “terrible conditions”, and a few days later it became known that Russian hackers had hacked 70% of Lithuanian sites that terrify the population.

Source: RT

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