Russian Foreign Ministry: West is doing everything possible to ensure the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine for as long as possible

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed that the West has given Ukraine and the Kyiv regime the task of killing as many Russians as possible, and they are using Ukraine as a tool.

When asked if the Americans and the British had communicated with Russia about the fate of their compatriots participating in the hostilities in Ukraine, Zakharova replied: “Western countries are doing what Russian Ambassador to London Andrey Kelin said, they are writing some kind of provocative paper. But they do not want to answer the questions We ask them about the activities they are doing.”

“They are doing everything to make the conflict on the territory of Ukraine drag on for as long as possible. We remember the words of former US President George W. Bush that the task of Ukraine is to kill as many Russians as possible. They gave Ukraine and the Kyiv regime this job, they use Ukraine as a tool , and they are ready to supply Weapons, sending people, their people, anything, so long as the conflict does not stop and the situation is not found, otherwise their plans will be destroyed, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, French President Emmanuel Macron said today.

Source: TASS

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