Russian Foreign Ministry: Number of militants "ISIS" In Afghanistan, it increased 3 times in a year

Zamir Kabulov, director of the Second Asia Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, said the number of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan increased after the Taliban took control of the country.

Kabulov, who is also the Russian president’s envoy to Afghanistan, added that the terrorist organization’s number of fighters in Afghanistan has tripled since the Taliban took power and now stands at 6,000 fighters.

The Russian diplomat continued: “As far as we know, the approximate number of ISIS there has reached 6,000 people. As you remember, after the Taliban came to power and their harsh measures against ISIS, their number was about two thousand people. an increase in their number by 3 times. This is the most important aspect. Negative in the development of the Afghan situation, because the goal of ISIS, as in the past, is to destabilize not only Afghanistan itself, but also its neighbors.

Source: RIA Novosti

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