Russian Foreign Ministry: Brussels cannot cope with the situation in Kosovo

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the inability of Brussels to establish a dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, while the situation in Kosovo is on the verge of an ethnic conflict.

“We are closely following the dramatic developments in Kosovo, where over the past month the situation has escalated again and has come to the brink of ethnic conflict,” the State Department said in a statement.

The cause of the conflict was the intention of Pristina to force the Serbs living in the area to exchange personal documents and metal plates for Kosovo from September 1. Between Belgrade and Pristina in 2010, this once again highlighted the impotence of the European Union. , his unwillingness to come into conflict with the Albanian elite in Kosovo, and even support for extremists in Pristina.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the Americans “drastically aggravated their reckless approach to the Balkans, which does not correspond to the uncontrolled escalation of the crisis in the region.” The “old formula” of “increasing pressure on the leadership of Serbia” was used to blackmail Belgrade with the loss of the European horizon, but the Serbian authorities “resisted and once again demonstrated in these difficult conditions the enviable stability of their sovereign course in domestic political terms.” and international politics.

Source: RIA Novosti

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