Russian Foreign Minister: The West is trying to artificially block the export of Russian grain

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed that Western countries continue their attempts to artificially prevent the export of Russian grain to countries that have concluded a contract with it.

The Russian minister’s statement was made at a press conference held today in Denpasar (Indonesia), during which he spoke about the results of his participation in the meeting of the G20 foreign ministers.

He said: “The data shows very clearly that grain stored in Ukrainian ports is less than 1% of global production, so it has no real impact on food security. All that is needed is for the West to stop artificially preventing (grain) exports. From Russia to those countries that have agreed (to buy our grain).”

Lavrov emphasized that Russia, with the help of Turkey, is ready to ensure the safety of convoys going to the sea to the Bosphorus and further to the Mediterranean Sea and to the markets of buyers, and said: “The problem is that Western colleagues want to create a kind of international mechanism for monitoring this operation. with NATO forces. But we fully understand their plan.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also indicated that Russia is ready to negotiate with Ukraine and Turkey to find a solution to the grain crisis, noting that the Russian army plays an important role in negotiations on grain exports from Black Sea ports.

Source: TASS

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