Russian Federation: FIFA’s decision is discriminatory and contrary to its statute

The Russian Football Association and the Russian Premier League have condemned FIFA’s decision to allow foreign players and coaches to suspend contracts with Russian clubs.

On June 21, the International Football Association made a decision allowing foreign players and coaches to suspend work contracts with Russian clubs until June 30, 2023.

In a joint statement released on Friday, the Federation and the Russian Football Association accused (FIFA) of violating its principle of “separating politics from sport”.

The joint statement said: “The Russian Football Union, the Russian League and professional clubs in Russia condemn and strongly disagree with this decision. FIFA has repeatedly stated that sport should remain out of politics, but the position of the organization clearly contradicts this.”

We consider the decision to suspend contracts contrary to the FIFA Statutes, which is discriminatory and was not made through the fault of a member of a large football family. There were no initial consultations or discussions with FIFA representatives on this matter.

The decision completely undermines the principles of contractual stability and fair competition. This clearly shows that players and coaches now have the right to ignore their contractual obligations.

In addition, the decision completely ignores the economic impact it has on Russian football clubs. How is long-term planning possible and how to secure the financial situation when any player has the right to leave his team without any compensation? The contract will no longer serve as a mechanism that fully protects the club and athletes. This precedent is a bad sign for the entire football world.”

Hoping to uphold the principles laid down in the foundations of world sport, we want to appeal to all members of the international football community. We ask you not to abuse the rights granted by FIFA, as their decision is contrary to the fundamental principles of the football family. Any other alliance in the future may face a similar scenario.

Football should not divide people, it should unite them in all corners of the globe. This decision will cause irreparable damage to football in Russia. We reserve the right to take legal action to protect our interests.”

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