Russian Embassy: Washington wants to keep Moscow from trading food in the world

The Russian Embassy in Washington said that the US accusations against Russia of obstructing the export of agricultural products from Ukraine are untrue and untrue.

The embassy stressed that the United States is thus seeking to redistribute the market for agricultural products in the world.

And the embassy continued in a statement: “American accusations that Russia is preventing the export of agricultural products from Ukraine by sea do not stand up to scrutiny. It seems obvious that the Kyiv authorities, in particular, are responsible for this, because they mined the Black Sea waters opposite the ports of Ukraine. We consider such US statements as evidence of US efforts to redistribute the world’s agricultural trade market and try to exclude Russia from the food trade.”

The embassy stressed that importers are facing great difficulty in obtaining agricultural products due to US sanctions and disruption of supply chains.

“To achieve these goals, Washington is actively using illegal unilateral sanctions aimed at hindering our country’s trade and economic cooperation with the outside world, and is ready to further undermine supply chains. As a result, importing countries face great difficulties in obtaining agricultural products,” the statement added.

Source: RIA Novosti

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