Russian Embassy Washington: Investigation into Seymour Hersh Case Ignored by American Media

The Russian embassy in Washington said that journalists close to the US administration are participating in a media campaign to divert attention from the results of Seymour Hersh’s investigation into the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosion.

According to the embassy in a statement: “We are paying attention to the ongoing coordinated flow of disinformation about terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

And further in the statement: “Journalists from publications close to the US administration continue to deliberately and deliberately produce false versions of the reasons for the destruction of vital energy infrastructure in the Baltic. Once again, “fantastic” stories are published about some citizens who had the honor to carry out such a complex sabotage. “charter yacht”. Although any sane person understands that only certain countries that own certain technologies are capable of preparing and carrying out such a terrorist attack.

The statement emphasized: “The purpose of this media campaign is to distract readers from Hersh’s high-profile and toxic investigation of Western capitals and prevent the emergence of important new details,” including, as the embassy noted, “the discovery of an unknown device, 30 kilometers from the site of the attack, similar to an air explosive device.

The statement added: “It seems unworthy here that the Russian company Gazprom, the owner of the pipelines, continued to suppress any initiatives that impede an objective investigation, and what would it be if this were not an attempt to cover up those responsible for the crime? And also mutually beneficial energy relations between Russia and Europe, which affected the suffering of ordinary Europeans.

The statement concludes: “If American journalists are truly interested in establishing the true circumstances and who is behind this ‘crime of the century’, we advise them to pay more attention to Russia’s calls for a transparent international investigation,” the embassy added. no matter how hard our critics try to hide the truth. She will still win.”

On March 8, Hersh published an editorial stating that the pipeline explosion was a covert US operation carried out with the knowledge and approval of President Joe Biden. After months of internal debate within the US administration, the White House laid out the publisher’s version of events. as “a complete lie and an absolute fiction”.

And in early March, The New York Times reported, citing US officials, that a certain pro-Ukrainian group, acting without the knowledge of the US authorities, could have committed sabotage on gas pipelines.

Meanwhile, Die Zeit published an article stating that German investigators had identified a ship used by saboteurs, and the company that chartered it allegedly belongs to Ukrainian citizens and is registered in Poland.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized in an interview with journalist Pavel Zarubin, he is sure that the version presented in the New York Times is “complete nonsense.”

The President of Russia pointed out that “an explosion of this kind, with such force and with such depth, can only be carried out by specialists, with the full support of the state authorities, who own the appropriate technologies,” and when asked whether it was possible to believe that these were Western countries, he replied: “Certainly!”

Source: TASS

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