Russian Embassy Responds to US Claims of Ukraine’s Cautious Use of Cluster Munitions

The Russian embassy in Washington confirmed that US officials’ statements about Ukraine’s “cautious” use of cluster munitions are a clumsy attempt to justify their provocative actions.

The embassy said in a statement: “Such statements by US officials are a clumsy attempt to justify their provocative actions. Everyone who follows the development of the conflict knows that Kiev is using US assistance to destroy civilian objects in the hope of intimidating us and “eliminating as many Russians as possible.” .

The Russian embassy confirmed that they do not expect so many civilian casualties, including among Ukrainians, when the “Kyiv criminals” start using American cluster munitions.

He continued: “Undoubtedly, the Ukrainian forces will not observe any ‘restrictions’ when choosing targets, because they are in a state of despair due to heavy losses and the inability to succeed at the front.”

Director of Operations for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Douglas Sims confirmed the arrival of the cluster munitions that Washington handed over to Ukraine and said: “Our cluster munitions are already in Kyiv.”

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