Russian Embassy in Washington: Accusations by US authorities are like a self-hypnosis session

The Russian embassy in Washington said that the United States prefers to indulge in illusions than admit the impossibility of “abolishing” Russia.

The embassy noted the strong desire of the Washington authorities to convince American citizens that there are grounds for imposing sanctions against Russia.

In a statement posted on his Telegram channel, the embassy added: “The baseless claims of the Americans remind us of a self-hypnosis session. Instead of recognizing the impossibility of writing off Russia, here they prefer to indulge in dreams. We see this as a desire to convince American citizens to justify the anti-Russian course and sanctions of the illegal West Bank, which turned out to be too expensive for its initiators.

In a statement, the embassy rebutted the US State Department’s allegations of Russia’s “international isolation” in economic, political, cultural and diplomatic terms.

“These words are nothing more than an attempt to present wishes as reality. The Russian leadership actively participates in international events and is in constant contact with the leaders of most countries of the world,” she said.

The Russian embassy noted that even in the West they are increasingly talking about the lack of alternative dialogue with Russia to solve global problems.

Source: RIA Novosti

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