Russian Embassy in Canada: Attempts to accuse Moscow of organizing the Holodomor "cheap advertising"

The Russian embassy in Canada has described attempts by Canadian authorities to accuse Russia of organizing a global famine based on allegations that it prevented the export of grain from Ukraine as “cheap propaganda”.

“The ongoing attempts by government officials (Canadian Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau to demonize Russia with clumsy accusations (this time about “world hunger”) are an example of scapegoating with cheap propaganda to cover up the West’s responsibility for food insecurity.

On Friday, Canadian International Development Minister Harjit Sagan said Russia was “trying to starve the world out” and Canada’s Foreign Office tweeted allegations that Russia had destroyed grain silos in southern Ukraine.

The situation in Ukraine and the large-scale sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and the European Union interrupted grain supplies, exacerbating the food crisis in many countries of the world. Since the beginning of the year, prices for wheat and corn have risen significantly. Stocks of wheat, as noted at a meeting of the UN Security Council on May 21, the world will last only 10 weeks, and the situation is worse than during the crisis of 2007-2008.

Source: TASS

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