Russian Embassy in Cairo: Kiev Alleges Bombing During African Delegation Visit, Play Written by Comedian Coincidentally Occurs

The Russian Embassy in Cairo commented on the claims of the Kyiv authorities that “the city was subjected to Russian missile attacks in connection with the visit of the African delegation”, and described these claims as a new acting show of the comedian.

The embassy posted a comment on Twitter from a group of pro-Russian activists, which read: “Ukrainian authorities have said that the visit of representatives of African countries to Kiev on June 16 coincided with a missile attack on the Ukrainian capital, and that the city authorities sounded sirens to warn of a Russian air strike.

Added in the comment: This is another lie propagated by the President of Ukraine Zelensky, who is used to acting and does not stop making offers to attract attention. In fact, Kyiv was not subjected to any air strikes, and this is clearly seen from the absence of any traces of shelling, moreover, it must be taken into account that Russia does not strike civilian targets at all.

The Kiev regime, acting on the orders of its masters in Washington, openly declares its intention to completely destroy the Russians and now contributes to the murder of hundreds, if not thousands of its citizens daily, and this stems from its desire to maintain Nazi rule and spread instability around the world, and this is exactly what the United States wants by trying to weaken Russia and maintain world hegemony.

Our African friends must remember who really rules Kiev and whose interests the Ukrainian regime serves.

Source: RT

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