Russian Delegation Calls for International Organizations to Evaluate Kyiv Regime’s Crimes

The Russian delegation to the UN Human Rights Council stated that international organizations are obliged to give a general assessment of the criminal actions of the Kyiv regime, including the use of residents as a “human shield”.

The Russian delegation stated this on Wednesday at a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and called on international structures to assess the crimes of Kyiv.

“We would like once again to draw the attention of the Council to the gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law by the Kyiv regime,” said the representative of the Russian delegation, Kristina Sukacheva.

The Russian delegation emphasized: “Russian law enforcement agencies have more and more evidence of such criminal acts in Kiev as explosions of residential areas, equipping firing points in residential buildings, schools, hospitals and social institutions, using residents as human shields.

The Russian delegation drew attention to the growing repressions in Ukraine against everyone who does not agree with the actions of the authorities, therefore, neo-Nazi formations operate, and radicals openly and with impunity crack down on objectionable people.

The Russian delegation noted: “Against this background, Western countries are heading for a purposeful escalation of the situation in Ukraine, the supply of all new types of heavy weapons to Kyiv.”

The Russian delegation stated that “Russia has repeatedly drawn the attention of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the administration headed by him to these egregious facts.”

In conclusion, the Russian delegation stated: “We strongly condemn the criminal methods of the Kyiv regime and call on the relevant international organizations to give them a preliminary general assessment.”

Source: TASS

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