Russian Defense Ministry Commends Military Heroism in Ukraine Once Again

The Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed the heroic actions of Russian soldiers during the military operation in Ukraine, their dedication to defending Russia and defending its interests, and today I named two of them.

It marked Corporal Alexander Sizikov, who, together with his comrades, carried out the task of defending the city from Ukrainian troops, as he repulsed the attacks of the Nazis, managed to inflict damage on the enemy, destroyed a tank and 4 armored vehicles when the Ukrainian army bombed the positions of Russian troops.

First Sergeant Timur Khakimov also showed a high level of training, as he spotted a Nazi armored personnel carrier moving towards a Russian convoy, so he fired at it with a grenade launcher and destroyed it.

On December 7, Russian Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov announced that the heroism and exploits of the heroes of the special operation would be included in the history books.

Source: RT

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