Russian Blogger Accused of Tax Evasion: UAE Requested to Investigate Property by Russia

Russian law enforcement agencies sent an international request to the United Arab Emirates to confirm the existence of the property of blogger Elena Blinovskaya, accused of tax evasion in the amount of 918 million rubles.

On Saturday, he told law enforcement that the property could be confiscated and used to pay damages in a criminal case against the blogger.

A spokesman for Russian law enforcement said: “Law enforcement has sent an international order to the UAE to confirm that Blinovskaya owns property in the country that can be used to repair damage caused to the state.”

In turn, lawyer Alexander Karabanov explained in an interview with the Russian TASS agency that this procedure is carried out by Russian law enforcement agencies.

Pointing out that these assets would later be directed by a court decision to pay damages to the state, he said: “In a criminal case in which material damage was caused either to citizens or to the state, the investigation is obliged to prove the existence of property subject to confiscation.”

According to him, the investigation is obliged to prove these assets by sending inquiries to banks and to the registration authority, and is also obliged to study recent transactions.

The lawyer said: “Deals involving the relinquishment of ownership within a certain period can also be considered fictitious transactions – such as (transactions) for the purchase and sale of property, and we also have an international agreement with a number of countries, according to which the Russian prosecutor’s office is obliged to send an international request to determine the type of property owned by a potential person involved in a criminal case outside of Russia, which can also be used in the future to compensate for the damage caused.

Blinovskaya is accused of tax evasion in the amount of more than 918 million rubles (more than $11 million).

And Blinovskaya pioneered a series of online trainings called “Marathon of Desires”, which was very popular among Russians.

Source: TASS

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