Russian Billionaire Forecasts End of Dollar Supremacy in 5 Years

Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska expressed confidence that the dollar will not become the dominant world currency in the next five years.

Deripaska wrote on Telegram today, Sunday: “In five years the world will be more balanced, accounts will be diversified and cryptocurrencies will be compatible. Of course, it will be difficult at first, but later the world will discover a new quality and it will really be an empty world” of domination “.

The Russian billionaire believed that the end of the era of dollar hegemony would come because of its use as a “weapon of retaliation against all those who have a different opinion without regard to legal aspects”, noting, for example, “the imposition of sanctions on enterprises employing tens and hundreds of thousands of people”.

Earlier, US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Adewale (Wally) Adeimo expressed confidence that the US sanctions policy, including the current restrictions on Russia, should not undermine the role of the dollar as one of the dominant currencies in the world.

Source: “TASS”

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