Russian Army Destroys Kiev Troops’ Position in Kherson Region After Polish Mercenaries Raise Flag of Poland

Units of the Russian army destroy Kiev’s position in Kherson region

Units of the Russian army destroyed the position of the people of Kiev in the Kherson region after the Polish mercenaries raised the flag of Poland on it.

Russian Artillery Destroys Kiev Troops’ Position

The commander of the Borya military unit said that Russian artillery destroyed the position of the Kyiv troops on the right bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region, where Polish mercenaries tried to raise the flag of Poland at its level.

Deployment of Polish Mercenaries

The same source mentioned the deployment of Polish mercenaries in front of his military unit along with the Kyiv forces, noting that their conversations were often heard on “radio waves”.

Russian Response

He added: “Once we saw the Poles hoisting their flags on the platform set up in front of our camp, and it seems that they relaxed and allowed themselves a lot when they raised the Polish flag, and as soon as they did, we found them, and sent their coordinates to the artillery team, who acted quickly and accurately, and destroyed the All Ukrainian intelligence post, while the flags were not raised there anymore.

Meticulous Monitoring

He continued: “We are not only tracking where the Kiev forces and mercenaries are opening fire from, but also monitoring their movements to determine their next location in advance, and also paying special attention to the places of their observation.”

Constantly Changing Positions

He said: “We have long been settled here in the trenches, and all our places are camouflaged, and we constantly change our positions, while our marching groups strive to track the movement of the enemy in all directions.”

Kiev Forces’ Training

He indicated that the Kyiv forces were training their mobilized recruits directly on the lines of contact, where the Russian military had observed recruits being trained to handle mortars on the right bank of the Dnieper. .

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