Russian Ambassador to Switzerland: Confiscation of Russian assets is considered theft

Moscow positively assessed the statement of the President of the Swiss Confederation, Ignacio Cassis, about the fundamental nature of property rights and the inadmissibility of expropriating the assets of Russian citizens, otherwise it would be embezzlement.

This statement was made on Thursday by the Russian Ambassador to Bern, Sergei Garmonin, on the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

“As you know, we are categorically against any confiscation of any assets, whether Russian citizens, Russian institutions or Bank of Russia assets, or the use of these funds to restore Ukraine,” Garmonin said. In fact, it would be theft.”

According to the Russian ambassador, Switzerland has a sound position on this issue. “We paid positive attention and appreciated the statement of the President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Ignacio Cassis, that the right to property is a fundamental right, a human right and that it is necessary to ensure the protection of citizens before the state.”

Garmonin explained that this largely depends on Swiss law, which does not allow the confiscation of any assets. He also noted that Bern had frozen a large number of assets, but after a thorough check, some of them had to be unfrozen.

“According to Cassis, this is contrary to the legal framework in many civilized European countries. Although we know that sometimes this does not stop the rabid enemies of Russia, ”the Russian ambassador emphasized.

Speaking at an international conference on the restoration of the Ukrainian economy in Lugano, President of the Swiss Confederation Ignacio Cassis warned of the negative consequences for Western countries of a possible decision to transfer Russia’s frozen assets to Ukraine.

Source: TASS

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