Russian Ambassador to Germany: Russophobia leaves Germany

Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechaev said that cases of “Russophobia”, fear of Russia, which appeared in the previous period in Germany, began to disappear.

According to the diplomat, who cited the data of the local police, the number of appeals to law enforcement agencies regarding roseophobia reached 200 per week, and Russians living in Germany also applied to the Russian embassy. “But it began to disappear not only because of the effectiveness of our efforts, but also because German politicians understood the seriousness of this issue, and that discrimination based on nationality causes all sorts of disturbing memories,” Nechaev continued.

According to him, sane politicians in Germany began to make appropriate statements about the unacceptability of such behavior, as a result of which questions of Russophobia disappeared.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, from the beginning of March 2022 to June 1, the Russian Embassy in Berlin received more than 800 complaints about violations of the rights of Russian-speaking citizens in Germany. By the end of March, the head of the Federal Criminal Police Service of Germany, Holger Munch, said that at least 200 crimes against Russian-speaking citizens were recorded in Germany every week, ranging from insults and threats to physical violence and damage to objects. . In early April, a car rally against discrimination against Russian-speakers was held in Berlin, the organizers of which told the media that after the action they faced threats.

Source: RIA Novosti

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