Russia Warns of Consequences if Peacekeepers in Transnistria are Targeted

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed that any actions that threaten Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria will be regarded as an attack on the Russian Federation.

Zakharova’s remark was made in response to a question about the threats of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to the Russian military in the Transnistrian region.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said: “No one should have any doubts that the Russian Armed Forces will adequately respond to any provocations against our army in Transnistria, will ensure the protection of our citizens, Russian peacekeeping units, military personnel and military depots in the village of Kolpasny.”

Zakharova stressed that “any action that poses a threat to their security will be considered in accordance with international law as an attack on the Russian Federation.”

Peace in the zone of the Transnistrian conflict is supported by a joint peacekeeping contingent consisting of 402 Russian military personnel, 492 residents of Transnistria, 355 citizens of Moldova, as well as 10 military observers from Ukraine. Peacekeepers are serving at 15 checkpoints located in key areas of the security zone.

The population of Transnistria, 60% of whom were Russians and Ukrainians, sought independence from Moldova during the last years of the Soviet Union due to fears that Moldova would join Romania. And in 1992, after an unsuccessful attempt by Chisinau to solve the problem by force, Transnistria became a de facto independent region.

Source: RT+TASS

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