Russia Urged to Extend Duration of Vital Grain Deal in G7 Discussion

In a statement by the foreign ministers of the “7 largest” countries, they expressed the great importance of the “grain deal” and called on Russia not to limit its duration.

“We recognize that Solidarity Roads, the Black Sea Grain Initiative and the Ukrainian Grain Initiative are essential to rebuilding the Ukrainian agricultural sector and preventing further shocks,” the Group of Seven said in a statement released today, Tuesday, following the Ministerial meeting. Foreign Affairs Group countries in Tokyo behind the Diet.

In a statement, the foreign ministers added: “We call on Russia to stop threatening global food supplies and allow the Black Sea grain deal to be worked out as effectively and indefinitely as possible.”

Moscow has previously said that Russia will not renew the Istanbul deal on the export of Ukrainian grain if it does not take into account the interests of Russian grain and fertilizer producers.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that without progress in resolving the five issues, it is not necessary to talk about a further extension of the Black Sea Initiative after May 18.

The ministry said that these issues are presented in the reconnection of the Russian Agricultural Bank to the Swift system, the resumption of supplies of agricultural machinery and spare parts, the abolition of restrictions on insurance and reinsurance, as well as the lifting of the ban on access to ports, the lifting of the freezing of foreign assets and accounts of Russian companies, associated with the production and transportation of materials, food and fertilizers.

Source: RT+Sputnik

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