Russia plans friendly match against Saudi Arabia

The Russian Football Federation is in talks to hold a friendly match against Saudi Arabia next autumn, according to the Russian site “”, citing a source familiar with the situation.

It came a day after Russian Football Federation President Alexander Dyukov said he wanted to host a friendly match in Russia next fall.

Well-known Russian sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev believes that a meeting with the Saudi Arabian national team is better than nothing.

Metaratings quotes Guberniev as saying: “It’s better than not competing with anyone. England won’t play us, so we’ll play whoever agrees. I don’t see any opponent for our team at the moment. If Saudi Arabia agrees to play, then it will. “Well, the rest will not play with us, as in the case of Belarus.”

The Russian national team is currently applying a ban imposed on them from participation in all international competitions, which prevents them from playing official matches, so they are left to play friendly matches.

It is noteworthy that on May 2, the European Football Association (UEFA) excluded the Russian team from participation in the European Nations League competition, and also decided not to allow Russian clubs to participate in the European Championships for the season (2022-2023). .

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