Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan are discussing the development of the international north-south transport corridor

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexander Novak announced the discussion of the development of the international north-south transport corridor during a trilateral meeting in Baku.

Russia and Iran will discuss the creation of service, transport and logistics centers for the transit of Russian goods in the ports of Anzali and Bandar Abbas. Novak added that it is also planned to use the station in Bandar Abbas for the transport of goods destined for the Persian Gulf and bordering him countries, and then from these countries to South Asia.

Bandar Abbas is the largest port of Iran, located in the south of the country in the Persian Gulf, near the Strait of Hormuz, and is of great strategic trade importance, as it is the central point of trade routes in southern Iran.

Novak also mentioned the importance of cooperation between the customs services of Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan, where he proposed to create a logistics service, including transportation along the ITC North-South of the International Transport Corridor “North-South”, where he said that among the main tasks within the framework of the working group is “consideration of the issue of establishing an integrated transport logistics service at the World Trade Center, as well as a mechanism for harmonizing customs tariff rates, and providing a full range of multimodal logistics services,” emphasizing that the North-South corridor will ensure the uninterrupted transportation of goods from Russia to Iranian ports in the Persian Gulf, and added: “We believe that the full use of transport and logistics capabilities will positively affect the level of our trade, transit of goods and foreign economic activity of the participating countries.”

Novak also stressed that the development of the railway network in Iran will soon increase freight traffic to 15 million tons. Delivery via the Western Sea Route.

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